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In this project, you are expected to implement the following search algorithms on a
graph given as an input file:
● Breadth-first search
● Depth-first search
● Uniform-cost search
Following figure illustrates a sample graph and the corresponding input file.
A:{A:0, B:6, C:4, D:3, E:0, F:0, G:0}
B:{A:6, B:0, C:2, D:0, E:4, F:0, G:0}
C:{A:4, B:2, C:0, D:2, E:0, F:8, G:0}
D:{A:3, B:0, C:2, D:0, E:3, F:0, G:0}
E:{A:0, B:4, C:0, D:3, E:0, F:7, G:6}
F:{A:0, B:0, C:8, D:0, E:7, F:0, G:6}
G:{A:0, B:0, C:0, D:0, E:6, F:6, G:0}
Your program should get the graph file as a command line argument. After running
the program, user will be prompted to give the start and goal state for the search. The
path between the start state and goal state will be printed for each search algorithm.
Here is a sample of the program:
[email protected]:~$ python3 search.py graph.txt
Please enter the start state : A
Please enter the goal state : G
BFS : A - B - E - G
DFS : A - B - E - G
UCS : A - D - E - G
This project requires 2 files to be submitted

Bütçe: 30 TL

İşin Yapılacağı Konum: ONLINE
Görevin Başlangıç Tarihi: 17-10-2019
Görevin Bitiş Tarihi: 19-10-2019
Kategori: Yazılım


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