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We are going to recognize the Musical notes from their images.
IR 1: From the GUI of your software, we can upload only one Musical Note image in to standard grid (i.e. 50x50)
IR 2: This 50x50 grid image contain Stave (5 parallel lines, -in Turkish: Porte) and only one note on it.
IR 3: Your software asks the 50x50 to your classifiers to get the label of the note (or the sound of it).
IR 4: You should use more than one classifier, trained/crossvalidated and tested. All of the Classifiers should
give an output to the 50x50 standardized image of the note.
IR 5: Your basic classifiers should be Logistic Regression (Multiple Classifier), k-NN Classifier,
Backpropagation, SVM and Deep Learning Net.
IR 6: You must prepare the PAPER (ready for submition to a conference) and PPT (powerpoint presentation) of your project.
In PAPER, you should discuss the details of Classifiers and your Machine Learning Model.


Bütçe: 150 TL

İşin Yapılacağı Konum: İZMİR
Görevin Başlangıç Tarihi: 15-06-2019
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