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Books in the Library
A group of students need to use the same books to perform their term project. There are 28 students in the class (they have consecutive school numbers from 1 to 28) and all need the same 6 books from the library. The students arrive at the library in random order. There is a Qmatic in the library to talk to one of the 3 librarians. The librarians always call the next number from the existing queue.
When a student shows in front of one of the librarians, he/she asks the book he/she needs. The book needed is generated randomly. The librarian should check if the book was borrowed by any other student. If not, that book is assigned to that student for a random time period in milliseconds. If the book is borrowed by someone else the student should leave and go to the Qmatic once more.
Each librarian should be able to see the states of the books even if they were borrowed by another librarian.

Bütçe: 80 TL

İşin Yapılacağı Konum: İZMİR
Görevin Başlangıç Tarihi: 16-05-2019
Görevin Bitiş Tarihi: 20-05-2019
Kategori: Ders / Çeviri


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