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In this homework, you will develop a very simple e-shopping site. Your site can consist of only one page since we have not learned how to preserve data when you display(or go to) another HTML file. Since you are going to be working on a single page, it would be a good idea to hide/unhide items on the page. You will only sell one type of product, lets say a book. Have few books hardcoded on your page, but you should be able to add new books to your page. Items should have their picture, name, brief info and price. You can use HTML forms to add item. Your item should be represented by a class in your JavaScript
code. Items should be able to added into a basket. When you display a basket you should be able to see each item with their prices and also the total cost of all items in the basket. There should be an option to whether continue shopping or buy it. If “buy” option is selected, it should ask for a shipping address and complete the transaction after asking the payment method. There should be two options for the payment, wire transfer or credit card. The design of the page is left to you. Good looking designs will get bonus credits. Requirements
You should create you report using a text editor. ZIP(RAR) your report and project into a file named as; your id+HW(for example 06233025HW3.rar) You should include the following information in your report:
1- Your name, your student id, and homework number
2- Define the problem in your sentences
3- How did you solve the problem
4- What is the purpose of your program
5- What kind of data structures have you used to solve the problem
6- What are the names of your methods(with their signature) and
what does it do(explain it in one or two sentences.)
7- Are there any bugs in your program.
8- How does your program works
9- Include a sample output.

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