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Location: Asmalı Mescit (Şişhane Station, across MissPizza)

Who we are:
Masraff is reinventing the way companies manage expenses. By simply snapping the photo of the receipt, it creates an expense set and builds your expense report by automatically sending to approval and integrate to accounting software. Nothing else, no manual data entry!

We aim to eliminate inefficiencies from daily business activities by leveraging our artificial intelligence platform. If you are eager to solve real-world problems with a team of top-notch experts, join us!

Our preferences are as follows:
You need to be a mission-oriented and data-driven person.
You need to be an internet/technology geek. Which means, when you are curious about something, you just look it up on Google. You need to have a deep knowledge of how to search for a topic on Google.
You need to be a social media enthusiast and follow the latest trends on social media.
If you are still eligible, we would like you to have a sense of design because you will be our social media representative.
It will be a plus if you are a natural story-teller.
You need to be a punctual person as you will have strict working hours.
You have to be a student in a University in Istanbul for the period of our agreement.

You will take great responsibilities and help us to build our company to be one of the best in the world. Here are some stuff you should get your hands dirty:
Generate lead lists and help us to qualify them.
Find new sales & marketing ideas and manage marketing activities
Some customer support may be needed when we are not around. We will always direct you, so do not worry!
Create our general content: blog posts, social media excerpts, website, articles, customer/product presentations, press coverages.
You will be our only social media responsible. We ask you to schedule, monitor and analyze the performance of our social media channels.
We will also expect you to go out of your routine and join us when we have an outside activity to promote Masraff. You will meet with Turkish AI Community and Startup Ecosystem, we can assure you that!

Bütçe: 400 TL

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Görevin Başlangıç Tarihi: 01-02-2019
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