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Python Final Project (ingilizce)

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Ödev dosya yazma okuma sınıflandırma vs gibi bilgilerle yapılacak.
key.txt university.txt student.txt answers.txt dosyaları size verilecek.Zaten önemli olan dosya içeriği değil format.
In this project, you are supposed to work on a system for university placement exam. We already have the following information related with this exam; student information,their answers to questions, their choices of universities and university information.There are 40 questions in the exam book and each question has five possible choices.(a,b,c,d,e). 4 wrong answers will take away one of the correct ones. Every correct answer is worth 15 points.
DO the following by means of a menu:
1) Search for a student with a given id and display his/her name and last name
2) List the university/universities and departments with a maximum base points.
3) Create a file named results.txt which will have, student id, name, last name, book type, number of correct, incorrect and blank answers, number of answers after reducing the wrong ones based on the formula given above, score, name of the schools given as a choice.
4) List the student information (id, name, last name) sorted by their score
5) List the students placed in every university/department. Display the name of the university and the department first and then the list of students who were place into that department.
6) List the students who were not be able to placed anywhere.
7) List all the departments
You should use a Student class while coding for this project. This student class should have at least three class variables for name, last name and id. You can add extra class variables if you like, but make sure that you do not violate a class concept. Name, last name and id should be a string type. Among these, id should be private.
There are also requirements for id so that it should have 6 characters and all of them should be digits. You can decide on methods by yourself.

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