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Managerial Economics Class Support - 2

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Hi there,

Please read everything.

I'm looking for someone to help me with a graduate level managerial economics class support. The class runs for 7 weeks and each week the following assignments need to completed.
1) 30-question multiple selection quiz
2) 2-page summary of the weekly content (double spaced APA format)
3) 3-question problem set with very short answers

You should apply for this role if you possess the following skills;
- Studying at a school where classes are taught in English
- Have taken some introductory Econ classes (again in English)
- Good writing skills in English
- No plagiarism - written work will be submitted on plagiarism checker tool and no toleration on copy-paste work
- Available for 7-week duration to spend 1h-2h per week on this work

The weekly workload should be around 1-2 hours and you should be able to follow the class on a weekly basis.

Why do I need your help?
I'm working full-time and I've already taken this class in my undergrad and need someone's help so that I can spend my time on other meaningful learning activities.

You will be compensated 200 TL per week x 7 weeks = 1400 TL total. I'm creating the work here for two weeks only for trial.

So it's 200 TL per week x 2 weeks for now and once finished and satisfied, I will create another task here for you to complete the remaining weeks.

If you are interested please share why you qualify to take this role in 2-3 sentences in English.


Bütçe: 400 TL

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