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DC motor powered power screw driven lifter design and its components are shown in Figure 1. You should design system.

You are expected to design structure (columns and beams) and calculate all related cross section dimensions based on static stress analysis and deflection analysis. Structural material may be St37, St42 or St52 depending on your choice. For pins, shafts, axles, keys etc. you are free to select other alloys.

You must calculate required power and select appropriate DC motor specification for the following design parameters. (Motor or gearhead motor selection is excluded from your assignment, but the function, speed, torque and power need to be calculated.)

Load Dimensions : (Wide)500 mm x (Length)700 mm x (High)300 mm ( A rectamgular Prisim)

Column Height : 1,5 metre

Load Mass : 400 kg

Load Vertical Velocity : 0,1 m/s

Factor Of Safety : 3

Bütçe: 300 TL

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