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Java Assignment Using OOS & Swing GUI

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Assignment details will be sent as PDF. An example user story is below: Codes should be unique and pass MOSS plagiarism test.

Your final submission must contain a class called Planner that contains the main method to launch the gui. It does not (and likely should not) be the same Planner class from A1
As a user I can:
• select my degree (required choices: BCH (BComp Honours) , BCG (BComp General), op- tional: one other degree)
• select a major from my degree if it offers a major
• maintain courses in my plan of study (add/remove)
• maintain courses in my transcript, or list of courses I have taken (add/change grade/re-
• save my program (the plan and my transcript)
• view a list of *required* courses for my degree and major that are *not* represented in my
plan of study nor in my transcript
• view a list of *required* courses that are *not* represented in my transcript
• view the number of credits I must add to my plan of study in order to have a plan that
allows me to complete my degree.
• view a list of the prerequisite courses for any required course for my degree and major.
• view a list of prerequisite courses that I must take in order to take the courses currently in
my plan of study.
• view the number of credits I have completed in my program
• view the number of credits I have remaining to complete my program
• determine if I have met the completion requirements of my chosen degree
• view my course plan, organized by the semester I have, or plan to, take the courses
• view my overall GPA
• view my GPA for CIS courses
• view my GPA for my most recent 10 credits
As a program administrator I can
• connect to the database containing the list of courses and degrees • maintain the list of degrees in the database (add/remove/change) • maintain the list of courses in the database(add/remove/change)

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