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Finite Elements Method (Sonlu Elemanlar Yöntemi) Ödevi

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Problem #1) Consider in-plane-loading of a plate made of steel whose element formulations are
given below. Use the below given pages to construct your domain and the formulations for a
rectangular element (from the book by Maurice Petyt). Solve the problem by a computer code
(preferably in Matlab). All edges are 10cm long and the thckness h=0.2cm. The bottom edge is fixed.
1) Obtain the topology matrix.
2) What is the consistent load vector for the distributed load on the upper edges of the domain
having the magnitude of 0.5N/cm?
3) Suppose that the static vertical distributed loading of 0.5N/cm on the upper edges of the
domain is applied. Find the maximum deflection by using the Matlab code.
4) Calculate the reaction forces at the nodes.
9) Find the stresses (Sigma_x, Sigma_y and Sigma_xy) at the nodes and at the Gauss integration
points for all elements. Show that the stress (or strain across an element border is not continuous)
(just consider any of the two adjacent elements).
10) Consider any one of the elements and calculate the Von Mises stresses and principal stresses
at the integration points in that element.
10) Solve the same problem by a commercial FEM code and compare your above results.

Problem #2) Solve the thermal problem using rectangular elements for the same and use the
formulation given in Problem #2 in the Final Exam. Use the boundary conditions that the left most
edge is 20o
C and the right most edge is 50o
C. All other edges are isolated. Find the temperature field
and the heat flux on the left most and right most edges. Compare your results with those of any
commercial FEM code.

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