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Aşağıdaki case için verilen sorular belirtilen formatta cevaplanacak (İngilizce). Tercihen Halkla ilişkiler ve etik konularına hakim olan biri olursa çok iyi olur fakat çok az zamanım kaldığı için yaparım diyen ilk adaydan yardım alabilirim. (En geç 9 ocak öğlen 12de teslim almalıyım)

Sun Cereal is a Turkish manufacturer of cereals with three cereal divisions: Children’s, Family, and Natural. The major claim of the Natural Division is that the cereals are rich in vitamins and fiber.
The marketing department has just hired an assistant branch manager, Sırma. Sırma has previously worked for two years with the marketing group of a large Turkish food manufacturer. Sırma’s first major project is to improve market share in the adult cereal market through public relations strategies. The management wants her to suggest a new public relations campaign for the Natural Cereals Division. Sırma is excited about this challenge.
Another reason this is the perfect project for Sırma is the fact that she is extremely health conscious. She believes too many cereals contain excessive amounts of sugar, which can encourage unhealthy eating habits in children and adults. A follower of health food literature, she has seen a number of scientific studies showing a correlation between high fiber and cancer reduction. For example, people who have a diet rich in fiber tend to have a significantly lower incidence of colon cancer.
The first step Sırma takes is to carry out a competitive analysis, as a result of which she compiles the following facts:
- The industry is higly competitive, with strong brands that invest in intense advertising.
- The adult ready-to-eat fiber cereals grew twice as fast as the market, and sales increased over 20 percent last year.
- Two years ago, one competitor launched an advertising campaign with health claims for its high-fibre cereal. Their campaing was based on the claim that their high fibre cereals supported the prevention of cancer. This campaign proved quite effective, resulting in the annual sales of the high fibre cereals.
- However, this competitor campaign was rather controversial. Certain people objected to the ads because they did not say what kinds of cancer they were referring to and how much of the cereal you had to eat.
- Another competitor has also jumped on the fiber bandwagon by introducing four new high fiber products. It has promoted its brands with a similar health claim. Although this strategy did not increase total sales, the company was able to hold its market share position.
Sırma now thinks that she has three major options for the public relations strategy she will design:
1. Using the concept of “vitamin-enriched” on packaging, advertising and public relations.
2. Focusing on the appeal of fiber as a possible preventative to cancer.
3. Building the campaign on “high-fiber, low-fat natural food” concept.
She will examine the options and decide which option she will suggest. In doing so, she also has to consider the information on the packages and the related advertising campaing.

1. Identify the ethical problems Sırma faces for each option, and also refer to the ethical values at stake (10 points).
2. Identify the stakeholders and explain briefly why and how they have a stake in each of the options (20 points).
3. Which questions does Sırma have to answer “Yes” before she can present the campaing to the Marketing Director? (You should list at least 6 questions. Please think about various aspecst such as “health claims”, “information on the packaging”, “advertising”, etc.) (20 points).
4. Which option should Sırma choose? Support your argument using the information you have produced for the first three questions (50 points).

- Your paper should be word processed. Hand written papers will not be accepted.
- Papers sent via e-mail will not be accepted.
- Use Times New Roman, font size 11.
- Double space your paper.
- Do not use a cover page.
- Write your name and student number at the top right hand corner of the 1st page.
- Number your pages.
- If your paper does not meet the format requirements, 10 points will be taken out of your total score.

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