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Essay topic
The European system of multi-level governance: Review and critique

The length of your essay should be 2,900-3,100 words (main text, excluding first page, abstract, footnotes and bibliography). Strict rules apply. You need to submit your essay electronically at [email protected] by the day of the course examination.
Please note:
➢ Late submission will receive 0%.
➢ Plagiarism will result in grade 0% (see below).
➢ The essay should have a cover page with the course title, the essay topic, your name and student number, and the relevant semester of studies (Spring 2018).
➢ Non-academic language and grammatical mistakes will be penalized.
➢ The essay should have a bibliography. The referencing can be APA or Chicago.
The evaluation criteria for the essay will be:
a) the strength of the main argument and presentation, as well as
b) the rigour and imagination in the research and reasoning;
c) the use of the sources; and the quality of the referencing (notes and bibliography);
d) the written language (spelling, syntax, grammar and style).

Important Information on Academic Honesty
One of the vital conditions for creating a productive and healthy academic environment is to conduct research without violating academic honesty. For the success of our course, academic honesty has utmost importance. This means that plagiarism will not be tolerated. Violations of academic honesty can result in disciplinary action. Plagiarism is defined as the act of a) repeating the ideas of another as one’s own, b) copying sentences, phrases or even striking expressions without acknowledgement in a manner which may deceive the reader as to the source, c) paraphrasing in a manner which may deceive the reader. Plagiarism is objectively defined as above, and irrelevant to subjective conditions such as the student's own direct or oblique intent. Where such copying or close paraphrasing occurs, the mere mention of the source in a bibliography or footnote is not deemed sufficient acknowledgement; in each such instance it must be referred specifically to its source. Verbatim quotations must be directly acknowledged either in inverted commas or by indenting. The use of somebody else’s ideas, viewpoints, findings or works in a paper, project report or a similar document which is presented as part of a course requirement, without proper acknowledgement of the source, will automatically result in grade 0%

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