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Essay yazımı akademik ingilizce en az 2000 kelime

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"Then what, exactly, is your plan for us?" he asked.

"For us? But there's no us in that sense! We're near each other only if we stay far from each other. Then we can be ourselves. Otherwise we're only Newland Archer, the husband of Ellen Olenska's cousin, and Ellen Olenska, the cousin of Newland Archer's wife, trying to be happy behind the backs of the people who trust them."

"Ah, I'm beyond that," he groaned.

"No, you're not! You've never been beyond. And I have," she said, in a strange voice, "and I know what it looks like there."

The Age of Innocence, Ch XXIX.


Please talk about the implications and possible meanings of the dialogue above in a well-written essay.

* The length of your essay should be about 2000-3000 words.

Bütçe: 150 TL

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