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Template for Paper 4 – Death Penalty
MLA format, 7+ pages
When it comes to the topic of the death penalty, most of us will readily agree that people often have strong opinions about this subject. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether or not the death penalty or capital punishment should be allowed. Whereas some people are convinced that the death penalty is justified, others maintain that the death penalty should never be used. In this paper, I will give a brief history of the death penalty in the United States and discuss why the death penalty should not be used, namely, because innocent people may be executed, because the death penalty is unfairly applied to certain groups, and because it is cruel and inhumane.
Brief History of the Death Penalty in the US
Innocent People May Be
Applied Unfairly to Certain Groups
People of Diminished Mental Capacity
Mentally Ill
Developmentally Delayed / Low IQ
Cruel and Inhumane
Religious, Philosophical and Constitutional Arguments Against
Inhumane Methods of Execution
Counter-Arguments and Rebuttal of Counter-Arguments
Closure for Victim’s Families
Reduces Violent Crime
Conclusion – Restatement of Thesis and Final Thoughts

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