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1000 word Architecture Essay

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Essay (1,000 words minimum) on this reading,

‘The Guggenheim Refigured
Due: 459pm Thursday April 7

‘Material practices must be robust, information-dense, and open to change and revision. Its practitioners realize that the new reality of technology and the city is one of continual obsolescence, and that the only way to survive change is to change.’

Please reflect upon the above passage. Analyze the initial technique[s] used in the original design of this building, from the standpoint of the evolution of building technology versus the bold vision of an idea.

In this case, the revisions required in the structural design resulted from technology not being able to fully support the design intent of the Architect. This forced Frank Lloyd Wright to modify the architecture as originally conceived. Because of this necessity, Wright was forced to compromise somewhat. However, in order to maintain his agency over the concept, Wright did so in a manner which adhered to his original design vision. This approach is how Wright exerted and maintained his agency over the architecture by working, searching and interrogating emerging material techniques in order to adhere as closely as possible to the original concept. Using this project as research, interrogate how Wright utilizes the specification (drawings) of technique as a means to change the technology (structural system) in order to maintain the design intent (revisions to form and physical space) which were acceptable compromises to his original idea.

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