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Mimar çizim dersi için teknik kalem çizimi iyi olan birine ihtiyacım var.

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You are to develop a series of twelve ‘architectural notes’ illustrating your perceptions about a journey in your place of dwelling. You are to study a space or a series of spaces along a path/route- like a walk around the outside to an inside sequence of spaces and objects. Your sketches, are to include interior views/data, foreground, middle ground and background information, and a sense of the experience that a camera could not capture. The first set of six drawings can be made using either a soft-lead pencil or a pen. These drawings must be contour drawings only and must each have a clear focus, including a sense of changing scale. The second set of six drawings must be made using a soft-lead pencil with shade and shadow.MaterialsSoft lead pencils (2b to 8b)Bond paper (from sketch book)ProcedureStep1: First you will produce a set of quick “thumb nail” sketches. The purpose of these sketches is to choreograph the narrative through the sequence of spaces and places. This series of sketches will be numerous but small. Using your sketch book, divide two to four pages into eight 2” x 2” frames per page. Using your soft-lead pencil, draw sequences and explore possibilities for changing ‘scenes,’ ‘frames,’ and ‘scales.’ Suggestion: Using a piece of sand paper, wedge the tip so that you can sketch using either the point, broad stroke or a combination. Each sketch should capture only a small portion of the sequence. Fill the entire 2”x2” frame. You will produce this sequence of sketches using only contour (line) and then, in the same sequence using shade and shadow. The sequence should capture diverse moments of your unique library tour. Each sketch should take five minutes each or less.

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